Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Crackahass Crackah

Initially, I had planned on sharing this on MySpace only but (surprise surprise!) MySpace won't allow me to post the player so I decided to share it here.

This is an interesting voice mail I received about a week ago, and it
disturbed me for a few different reasons.

The first one being that this person called from an unavailable number, because I definitely would have called the racist shit back.

Second, I had just finished reading Your Blues Ain't Like Mine and was already feeling white and guilty.

Third, and most importantly, my son has a girlfriend, and has announced this to many. A sweet chocolate chip with the softest eyes and longest dark eyelashes, for whom he has promised to buy a pink teddy bear. And I found myself wondering if her family disapproved of him giving her his digits (my digits, my cell number) and could this be a sister of his girlfriend? A disapproving sister? I did realize just how racist this was for the thought to even occur to me, or rather cynical, but hey I'm honest, and it did pop into my head.

However, any negative thoughts I had over the voice mail were quickly pushed aside by my child. After I finished recording the voice mail into the mic hooked to my computer, my son meandered over and began to pretend he was making announcements over his school's PA system with my mic. Unbeknownst to him, I recorded one of these announcements.

It had been raining for the entire week, and lightning was close by, yet there I sat clicking away on my computer. This was his warning.
Takes a minute to load and blow your eardrum out.

How could I possibly stay pissy about a stupid voice mail when my son is so cute?
And, no, my kid didn't hear the voice mail.

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Happy Tuesday.
Housewives tonight!


Mona Lott said...

What the fuck? That chick is crazy. Does your v-mail give your name? Maybe it was a wrong number? Jesus. Weird.

Boog sounds like such a big boy, that was ADORABLE!

"OOOOOUT!" -Bwahahahaahahahahaha!

Mandy's Kidding said...

It sounded like a little girl, so I'm thinking your big sister theory wasn't too far off.

They were just prank calling like we all did. It's a total Bart Simpson move.

Jodie Kash said...

"I repeat...turn it off!"

Yeah, listen to the Boog.

Heidi said...

"OUT!" Hahahahahhaha!!

The crazy chick> I didn't understand a word of that. What did she say? Maybe it's my speakers?

Matt E. Warren said...

Your kids and mine need to party.

Sweet Herald said...

Mona, yeah, my voicemail says "This is Julie, leave a message."
I dont think I sound white but I guess I do :P

Mandy, bizarre either way. Crackahass crackah!

Jodie, laugh! I like the no Friday fun snack part myself.

Heidi, bahaha! I forgot he says OUT at the end.

Matty, cracker children playing together...

he's actually embarrassed when I play that announcement over my speakers and makes me turn it off. I guess I shouldn't have uploaded it but i thought it was too cute. Not to mention it's loud as hell since his mouth was practically on top of the mic.

Fiona said...

I wish I could hear the damned thing. No frikken speakers at work. *sigh*

Adam R said...

I couldn't really hear what they said. It may have been kids playing pranks.

Either way, fuck'em. life is too short for pussies who can't say shit to your face.

Tell'em to suck your big fake rubber cock.

Soccer Milf said...

Dammit! I want to hear it and I don't think I should while the kids are here. I'll have to come back when they're sleeping. The baby did get quite a kick out of laughing at Boog, though.

Ad Astra said...

Awwwww, your son is so cuuuuuute!!!

But that original voice mail just sounds like a prank whatever call. I've been called a white cracker by my friends, I think it's funny. Doesn't sound like they were trying to be malicious. They? I mean her. Whoever she is. *shrugs*

Who wants to dust anyway ? said...

I couldn,t hear it very well cuz hubby is making too much noice but I could totally hear the Boog! This is sooo cute! Listen to the Boog!

Mel said...

LOLOL sweet Boogey!

(the prankster sounds like a kid, though.... maybe thought she was being funny?)

Anonymous said...

Some of my favorite people are crackahass crackahs. Stupid people, on the other hand, piss me completely off.

Boog sounds very authoritative in his announcement. "I repeat..."

Steph Infection said...


Boog is too adorable, lol!

Mandy's Kidding said...

I nominated you for a Zombie Chicken Blog Award.

See my blog for details, hooker.

Vicki said...

Hi Tits..my my took me a long time to find my way back to you...read you on myspace...found you thru Buddha cuz you are one of her favs...If you don't mind...I will continue to hear about Boog's antics?


Jet Pass said...

love boog.

Texas said...

I can't understand a word of that recording other than the time/date voice.
Guess my ears need replacing !!

Qui suis-je? said...

Sorry, I couldn't find another way to contact you via CL's blog. You asked who QB is. QB = Queen Bitch (or, as she genteelly calls herself, QueenB) from The Bitch Sessions blog. Margalit sent her CL's real identity. She sat on it for two days, posted a bunch about how she had a secret, then didn't actually put the info out in a post, but allowed it through in her (moderated) comments. Then when someone tried the same with margalit's info, she edited Marg's real name down to a bunch of little x's. Oh but SHE didn't do anything wrong, it was all Margalit, all the time (sorry, I just hate hypocrisy).

xo12 said...

I didn't understand much of the vm, either, but it did sound like a little girl trying to rap. Pretty weak - she should stick to double dutch and shit.